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Feed the soil & let the soil feed the plants.

On our farm we believe in low impact sustainable agriculture that feeds the soil, rather than depletes it. (We are particularly inspired by the writings and ideas of Masanobu Fukuoka & Ruth Stout). Our market garden uses no-till permaculture principles to grow produce that is as beautiful as it is delicious. We focus on cultivating colourful heirloom varieties that differ from what is available at most grocery stores. Our aim is to provide artful healthy, pesticide free produce, and to make it available in season to members of our community.

You can support our farm by purchasing products from our online shop, visiting us at the Cobourg Farmers' Market in Historic Downtown Cobourg, Ontario or check out our Patreon campaign where you can support our farm by becoming a monthly donor.  Our ducks will be happy and you’ll get some sweet art from the studio for as little as $3/month.

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