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Pick Your Own Flowers Ticket
Pick Your Own Flowers Ticket
Pick Your Own Flowers Ticket

Pick Your Own Flowers Ticket




Join us during gladiolus season for an on farm evening of flower picking fun!  This is not a formal workshop, but we will introduce you to the garden, show you where different blooms are located, and demonstrate how to best harvest the flowers you choose.

After harvesting you will be able to arrange the flowers at tables on our stone house porch while the ducks forage around you and provide a wonderful golden hour photo opportunity.

Participants will be provided with flower harvesting snippers to use, as well as your choice from a selection of large mason jars, and vintage vases and vessels to arrange your flowers in.  Lemonade will also be provided!

As our field is not open to the public, all participants will require a ticket to attend the event.  Tickets cannot be split between multiple participants.

We have a limit of 10 tickets per date to ensure parking availability.  Book early!  In the event of rain the event will continue but if you have concerns please contact us to arrange for another date.



No pets are allowed on the farm.

No smoking or drinking during the event.

Please wear farm friendly footwear.

Participants will be able to use an indoor bathroom in the farm house if needed.


If you would like to arrange for a private workshop this season please e-mail us, we would be happy to accommodate you.